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Hi I'm Jess! I'm a
Cultural Expert + Creative who has spent 26 years researching and educating on cultural trends in order to help people feel seen, heard + understood. 

I'm a bestselling author, podcast host and speaker who has connected with audiences from the White House to Wall Street, and studios to schools around the world. 

I'm also a trusted advisor to companies such as Unilever, Mattel, Warner Brothers and Nike, and have been a strategic partner in culture-changing moments such as Dove’s campaign for “Real Beauty” and the evolution of Barbie

Through my consultancy, Talk to Jess, my team and I help Fortune 500 companies to become more inclusive and culturally fluent. 

I'm also an adjunct professor at USC and was recently named by Fast Company as one of the most creative people in Business in the areas of Diversity and Education.

I'm the producer and creator of online courses called The Good Life, a series focused on personal and professional development, and recently launched a podcast with Shonda Rhimes and iHeartRadio called Dominant Stories.

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